Photo of sara

Sara Farrona

Sara graduated in Biology and afterwards joined Dr Reyes lab at the IBVF in Seville (Spain) where she received her PhD working in chromatin remodeling proteins in Arabidopsis. For her postdoc she moved to Cologne (Germany) to work with Dr Turck and Prof. Coupland at the MPIPZ in the regulation of flowering by chromatin related processes. Later on she focused in the regulation of plant development by PcG proteins working in Dr Schubert lab at the HHU (Duesseldorf, Germany). Sara is a PI at the National University of Ireland Galway (NUI Galway) since 2015 where she also teaches as member of the School of Natural Sciences.


Eduardo March

Eduardo comes from Spain where he studied Biotechnology and did his MSc in Biotechnology in Agroforestry at the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. For his master thesis he worked with Dr Crevillen and Dr Jarillo at the CBGP (Madrid, Spain) to characterise chromatin remodeling proteins involved in flowering regulation. Eduardo is a fellow from the College of Science at NUI Galway. He is interested in revealing the molecular functions of two novel chromatin related proteins. His work focuses on understanding the role of these proteins in the PcG pathway and in the regulation of gene expression and plant development.

Godwin James

Godwin is from India where he graduated in Biotechnology from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. Then, he moved to Israel to pursue his M.Sc. in the Desert Studies at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev and specialized in agriculture and biotechnology of drylands under the supervision of Prof. Gideon Grafi. To join our lab he has been awarded a prestigious Hardiman research scholarship. His PhD work focuses on understanding the epigenetic mechanisms involved in establishing a memory of seed priming.

Jesús López

Although Jesús also comes from Spain, he studied his Biology Technical Assistant degree at the Hilden Vocational School in Germany. He was working at the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research as a research assistant in Dr. Turck’s lab, where he focused on the analyses of Arabidopsis mutants. Jesús has joined our lab through the TIDA-SFI grant to develop a new seed biopriming method for invigorating plant growth and resistance to stresses. Based on his results, he aims to create a new commercial seed biopriming method that may have an impact on the agri-food sector and sustainable agriculture.

Former Lab Members

Amandine Lucchin
Amandine was visiting us for a few months as part of an internship during her MSc in Molecular and Cellular Biology at the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA). After helping us to study some novel PcG interactors, Amandine is back in Grenoble to finish her MSc and planning to follow up with a career in science. We wish her all the best for her future!

Kazhina Amin
Khazina was a PhD student in the Plant Production and Technologies at the Ömer Halisdemir University (Niğde, Turkey). She joined our lab as an Erasmus student to do an internship focused on understanding how some of our new PcG candidates respond to abiotic stresses. Khazina moved back to Turkey for a few weeks before moving for a short period to Pakistan. Khazina’s future plan is to follow up her scientific career in USA, where we are sure that she will enjoy her new life!

Peter Ryder
After almost a year with us as a postdoctoral fellow in which Peter’s contribution was fundamental for different research lines in our lab, Peter has decided to expand his knowledge in computer science. We wish him all the best in his new adventure!

Michael Keogh
Michael did his MSc project in Biotechnology with us and contribute to our understanding on seed priming in different Brassicaceae species. Michael is now enjoying life and travelling for a few months. Afterwards, we are sure that he will not have any problem to find a job in a Biotech company.

Julie Laugerotte
Julie did an internship in our lab as part of her MSc in Agronomy and Biotechnology at the Université de Rouen (UFR Sciences et Techniques). She helps us to investigate the role of some of our novel PcG candidates in stress and did a great job in setting up the protocol in our lab to analyse the plant response to abiotic stress. Julie is now back in France finishing her degree.